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Paint Correction in Easley, SC

Paint Correction

Say Goodbye to Swirls & Other Paint Defects!​

What is paint correction? Paint correction, though self-explanatory, is very involved. It is a labor-intensive procedure that involves hours of machine cutting and polishing of your vehicle’s clear coat to remove defects like swirls, scratches, oxidation, & water spots.

What Paint Defects Does Paint Correction Fix?​

  • Swirls caused by machine car washes​​

  • Water spots & oxidation

  • Light scratches

  • Key scratches

  • Etching from bird bombs or bugs

Paint correction before and after
Paint Corrected Mini Van
Ceramic Coating on a brand new Escalade
New paint job on 2007 Toyota Tundra
Paint Correction Greenville

Automotive Paint Correction Packages


Paint Enhancement

  • Paint Enhancement polish to prep for coating bond and add GLOSS! (Great for brand new cars with little paint damage)

1-Step Paint Correction

  • 1-Step paint correction polish to remove deeper swirls and scratches

2-Step Paint Correction​

  • 2-step Paint correction polish for further damaged paint, or those who want a perfect showroom finish

3-Step Paint Correction

  • 3-step paint correction - wet/dry sanding steps to remove heavier defects, paint nibs, paint runs and orange peel for a show car mirror finish. This level requires an in-person consult.

Pricing varies based on vehicle size, paint condition, and desired service

Let Us Fix and Enhance Your Vehicle’s Paintwork In Exponential Ways!

There is no telling when a surface defect may afflict your exterior paintwork. Light scratches can happen in a crowded parking lot, swirl marks start to accumulate after a few bad hand washes, and even if you safely store your ride in a garage, it is still prone to discrepancies caused by falling rakes or bicycle handlebars. Whether your defects have been inflicted by something abrasive or caused by environmental effects that stain your paint, CleanAF can remove these issues!

When something unfortunate and unpredictable happens to your paintwork, our paint correction packages are designed to undo these aggravating occurrences to get you back on the road with a flawless vehicle finish. Even if you think your surfaces are completely clear, a LED shop light often reveals this not to be true whatsoever.

Spending years training on the safest and most effective paint correction efforts, our auto restoration team at CAF can remove even the toughest defects while adding a tremendously deep gloss to your finish via buffing and polishing. We appreciate that no two vehicles are the same, so the time it takes to correct and enhance your paintwork always varies, unique to what you drive.

Paint Correction Greenville

We Can Correct Your Brand New Car

Perhaps you have heard of paint correcting a brand new car before, or maybe this sounds completely preposterous to you. Either way, know that our paint correction crew here at CAF of Greenville cut, compound, and polish brand new vehicles every week at our shop! If you are of the variety that believes a brand new car is absolutely flawless from the inside out, please read on:

A dealership wants you to buy a car, so they make it look as clean as possible. To the untrained eye, it certainly looks perfect to some degree. However, after further close inspection by a professional auto detailing team like ours, you will see a mountain of swirl marks from abrasive hand washing at the dealership, or even light scratches that have happened in transit.

When you hire our team to correct the paint on your brand new car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, you are directly investing in the revelation of true, perfect paintwork and value that even the dealership does not know about! No automobile coming off an assembly line is without imperfections, but CleanAF can certainly help you with this effort!

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