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Image by Roberto Nickson

About Us

At CleanAF, we have been providing high-quality auto detailing, vehicle customization, paint and body work, restoration and paint protection services for over 20 years. With our experience and the use of the most modern machines and top-quality products, your vehicle is in professional hands at CleanAF.

Pricing and Value Added

At CleanAF, we cannot say we offer the lowest pricing around, because there will always be a cheaper option for every budget. What we do bring is added value to your car and your pride in your vehicle. After we complete each detail, we want our customers to leave our shop with the feeling that we have added not only value to your vehicle, but that sense of pride you get when someone asks you "How did you get your car to look so good?"

Integrity First

Now, I know that sounds like every used car salesman you have ever dealt with, but as a 20-year retired veteran, I mean it when I say that integrity comes first with all of our customers and the work we provide. We cannot always promise your vehicle will be 100%, but we will take the time to explain our process to each customer and the reason why some scratches, stains, etc, cannot be removed from the vehicle.

Customer Service and Experience

Your car is our car! When you choose CleanAF to either detail, protect, customize or paint your vehicle, we treat it like we are doing the work for ourself. We are perfectionists here at CleanAF, and your results after picking up your vehicle will show that. We want each customer to be truly satisfied from the time they drop off their vehicle, to the time they get back in to drive home. Every customers experience is extremely important to us here at CleanAF.

Check Out Our Work

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