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I shot this while doing a job for a luxury automotive storage facility in Baltimore, MD_ed

About CleanAF Detailing Studio

Anderson and Greenville, South Carolina's professional automotive detailing, paint and body, and ceramic coating experts.


CleanAF is much more than a just an auto detailing and paint shop. We are committed to building relationships within the community through detailing and automotive care education.

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CleanAF Detailing Studio is Greenville's most attention to detail professional detailers. With 20+ years experience in the automotive customization industry, we will only offer you the very best experience and results.

CleanAF offers an array of detailing services: swirl free hand washes, to flawless paint polishing, ceramic coatings, paint and body work or paint protection film. 

CleanAF is fully licensed and insured to work on any, and every project you may have. Catering to our busy clientele, we will always deliver the best protection, professionalism, and use the best products on the market.  Let us show you why you fell in love with your car in the first place!

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